The Best Paying Survey Sites - That I Actually Use!

The Best Paying Survey Sites - That I Actually Use!
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For almost 2 years now I have experience with making money online, specifically with online surveys.

Many people have a negative connotation of online surveys. This is probably because they were using the wrong survey sites.

Just look at this! When you search “best survey sites” on Google and pick one of the top results, you won’t actually find the best sites for these 2 reasons.

  1. The author doesn’t actually know what he/she is talking about (they probably don’t take surveys themselves.)
  2. The survey site does not have an affiliate link so it is not included in the article (seriously, how do these top results not include Prolific?)

I’m so happy that you found this post because today, I will share with you the exact sites I use. I will give a brief summary of each site, share my personal experience, and provide you with some useful information!

Disclosure: Hey guys, I want you to know that this article may contain affiliate links. This means if you use the links I provide, I may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you! I value transparency and want to bring honest/useful content to you regardless if a site has an affiliate program or not! Read my affiliate disclosure for more info.

My Favorite Surveys Sites – What I Use Most Frequently


Prolific is my favorite platform for surveys. Each individual survey usually pays anywhere between $5 and $15 per hour. The best part is that the surveys are actually interesting!

This is because these surveys are academic surveys from universities, professors, researchers and students. My favorite ones are on the topic of psychology. Time really does fly by when I get an interesting psychology survey.

My current Prolific statistics

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I have tried many GPT sites and think Swagbucks is the best. A Get Paid To site is a website that has many different ways to earn. Typically it consists of surveys, offer walls, cashback, and more. I think you should have a GPT website in your routine if you plan to do surveys online.

There are plenty of surveys to take. My strategy is to look at the surveys on Swagbucks every once in a while. Many times I am actually able to find higher paying surveys.

I also like completing the shorter surveys that still pay decent. This way I can complete the survey quickly and there is no big commitment.

As for the other features, Swagbucks has the highest paying offer wall, good cashback, and plenty of  bonus features.

Sign Up to Swagbucks

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is just awesome. Each survey pays $3 and takes 15 minutes to complete. The surveys follow a similar pattern so once you learn it you can complete the surveys faster.

The topic of the surveys is usually about food but sometimes it is about other store products. The survey can be interesting because many times they are about unreleased food items from fast food restaurants. I have even been paid to received full size samples of products to try out and give my feedback on.

The one downside is that you can’t just sign up for Pinecone Research, you need to find a special link. I asked them for a special link for you guys but got no response. You may have to search online “how to sign up for Pinecone Research”. I think it is worth the effort.


Dscout is a video research app that is almost solely for mobile. They have 2 types of surveys. First they have their main research studies.

You have to attempt to qualify for these studies. After qualifying there can be video interviews, recording yourself, answering questions, and more.

Dscout also has Express Missions, which are shorter forms of surveys. Both pay out very well in my opinion, even with the time it takes trying to qualify for studies.

Sign up to dscout

2. Good Survey Sites – That I Use Less Frequently

These are sites that I use less frequently than the ones I just listed in the first segment.

I will also include apps in this section because I use them less frequently as I prefer to take surveys on my laptop.


Respondent is a more personal research study platform. On Respondent researchers are typically looking for people with some kind of experience, in some kind of skill. This and the fact that many times there are 1 on 1 video interviews make the pay very good on this site.

I personally qualified for a survey on video creation and got paid $140 for 3 hours and 30 minutes of my time.

The studies usually look for more “specialized” people in professions and that’s why I don’t use this one frequently.

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Crowdtap is what I called a micro-survey platform. You get paid 1.5 cents for each multiple choice question you answer. It is very easy to do and they even had a good mobile app.

However, more recently they have slowed down the amount of these mini surveys available to be complete and that is why Crowdtap is not in my main list.

Sign up to Crowdtap

Mobile Survey Apps

There are many good mobile survey apps that are similar. I will put them all in one place to not waste your time. You won’t earn a whole lot with this, but it isn’t difficult work.

Google Opinion Rewards is a good survey app. The surveys are butter smooth and always pay out if you qualify. You only ever need to go on the app to take a survey when you get a notification.

Qmee is the best all around survey app you will see. They make sure bad surveys are taken off their app and they even show you a REAL ACCURATE prediction of how long the survey will take based on other peoples completions. The cherry on top is that they have no minimum PayPal payout, so you can withdraw your money whenever.

UBDI has had so many changes since their start late last year. Currently they are a hybrid of an anonymous social media platform with opportunities to get paid out. I’ve been able to get some high paying mobile surveys with the Pollfish surveys on UBDI. The survey platform is smooth and responsive so you can complete surveys with ease.

Survey Monkey Rewards is another very simple platform that pays well.

Eureka again is a simple platform that pays well if you pick and choose surveys.

3. Other Survey Sites I Plan To Try Out (Good Reviews)

These are survey/make money online sites that I have seen people succeed with on forums. I see good reviews of these sites and I plan to test these out for myself in the future.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a big survey site that I have not tried out much yet. Many people have it as part of their survey routine in forums.

The pay seems fair and I will be trying it out very soon, sometime in October. This site shows lots of potential for me and I am excited to try it out.

Sign up for Survey Junkie

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Also known as MTurk, is one of the biggest marketplaces for virtual tasks, including surveys. This means that there is a wide variety and endless amount of work available.

However, I had 2 issues with MTurk. First, you have to “level up” your account. With more work completed, “higher level”, you can get assigned to better paying work. This is a problem for me because it would take me many hours over multiple days or weeks to reach the desired level for better work.

Second, is the need for scripts. Anyone making any significant money on MTurk is using scripts. Scripts help you find the highest paying work first. There are many different scripts and there is a learning curve I would have to get past to succeed with MTurk.

If you want to have consistent online work, I do think putting some effort into MTurk would be worth it. I do plan on giving it another try myself after finding that there are many guides online that can help you.

Sign up for MTurk

UserInterview and UserTesting

These are 2 unrelated websites but they do share a similarity, real people reporting that they have earned hundreds of dollar on both of these sites every month.

From what I have seen, these sites are about giving feedback on services, products, and websites. Many times this feedback will be in video format.

I am excited to try these 2 sites as soon as possible, because I really do see serious potential in them.

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