The Swagbucks Cheat Sheet- 5 Tips and Tricks to Earn More Every Day!

The Swagbucks Cheat Sheet- 5 Tips and Tricks to Earn More Every Day!
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😊 This post has been significantly updated with new info 1/22/23

Swagbucks has so many ways to earn it can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. This list will show you the easiest offers and tips that might even surprise veterans of the site.

Swagbucks is the definition of Make Money Online. It’s easily one of the easiest ways to start earning online. Swagbucks is the biggest GPT (Get Paid To) site and has paid out over $800 million, since its start in 2008.

If you have not used Swagbucks and are looking to start making some side income online make sure to sign up with the link below.

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1. Magic Receipts Coupons

Sadly, the famous offer has gone away, but now we have 'Magic Receipts'. Magic Receipts is your traditional receipt cashback app and they have some decent offers worth checking out.

Easiest Magic Receipt Coupons Offers

I recommend doing the above coupons because they qualify from any store and are items you're probably going to buy. In the search bar you can type in "any brand" and you will get all the common products that qualify from any store.

Other coupons offers are worth a look, but they may be harder to complete since they can be limited to specific stores.

When you search on Swagbucks, these links have a much higher chance of giving you a search win during a Collector’s Bills Event. These events occur a few time a month.

What you need to know is that during these events, when you search the web through Swagbucks search and get a search win, you may get a special collectors bill that includes a bonus (5-25sb). If you manage to collect all of the bills in the set, you will get a final bonus! (~20sb).

(NOTE) If you get a duplicate collectors bill you do not need – do not claim it (enter the captcha). You should get a different collector’s bill shortly afterwards.

It may come in handy to bookmark this page for these easy search links.

List of Search Links

3. Daily Game Payouts

This is totally new to games, it was released like a day ago (1/22/23 today).

Now Swagbucks games will pay you on the first 2 plays which is really nice. To find games, hover over the 'More' tab > 'Play' > Scroll down to free games. I play Alu's Revenge 2.

  1. Score at least 3000 points in Alu's Revenge 2
  2. Exit game, and earn 5sb
  3. Wait 15 seconds before next game
  4. Repeat once more to get another 5sb
Alu's Revenge 2 Swagbucks Game: 5sb Reward

You can play any game to earn the 5sb but I'm not sure about the minimum score required for other games.

4. How to find the Swag Code Easily Everyday

Swagbucks has a thing called Swag Codes, that pay out around 2 - 5sb. They put these codes out on different social medias, so alone it may be hard to find. However, someone has made a bot that finds the code everyday.

You can follow this Reddit bot, that finds the daily Swag Code.

To enter your code hover over your account icon and click 'Redeem Swag Code'.

Redeem Swag Code Location

Then just insert the code. The code is case sensitive, location sensitive, and time sensitive.

Redeemed my Swag Code

5. Swagbucks Live Gameshow Tip

Swagbucks Live is is a mobile gameshow that rewards you in Swagbucks. The goal is to answer all 10 questions right. For each question you answer correctly you get 1sb and if you answer all the questions correctly you get a portion of the regular $500 or $1000 prize pot.

To play download, search "Daily Trivia for Money" on the app store. (great name lol). Have your phone ready at 5 PM PT M-Th for the 10 question quiz.

It’s not easy to answer all the questions right but you can increase your chance by joining this group.

This group is located on It is on a subreddit called r/swagbucks. If you go on the chat there, whenever there is a Swagbucks Live game, the chatroom is full of people giving their answers. You can use that collective knowledge to make a good decision.

6. Other Tips

Thank you for reading and using my page. If you have anything to say use the comment section below or you could also contact me using the contact form. ✌

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